Externally funded research

The members of the Centre for Contemporary Histories (CCH) undertake research across a range of places and for a wide variety of organisations. Below is just a sample of the fascinating projects we are doing here in Australia and abroad.

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Witnesses to war and peace: Australian recollections of Korea and Koreans, 1953–2023

D. Hundt & D. Lowe

Bronze Stories (Research and writing of Geelong CBD histories for installation in footpath plaques and associated app)

M Takolander

The Chaotic Transition from War to Peace in Soviet-Occupied Europe, 1945-53

F. Slaveski

Aadhaar and Anxieties of Recognition: Privacy in India

P. Singh

India’s Biometric Identity Project: Exploring New Values for Information Societies

P. Singh

Ancestors’ Words: Nyungar writing in WA government archives

T. Shellam

Collecting the West: How Collections create Western Australia

T. Shellam

PNG in World War Two

J. Ritchie

Literary, Cultural, Social: (Re) Examining Historical Childhoods

K. Moruzi

The Charitable Child

K. Moruzi

Australia-India Student Mobility

D. Lowe

A History of Australia’s Embassy in Tokyo

D. Lowe

A History of Australia’s Foreign Aid

D. Lowe (and Mark McGillivray)

Australians and their Federation: A Cultural History Since 1901

C. Holbrook

Howitt and Fison’s Anthropology: Using New Methods to Reveal Hidden Riches

H. Gardner

Holocaust Memorial Week Pilot Project

D. Frieze (with S. Cooke)

Indigenous Leaders: Lawful Relations from Encounter to Treaty

J. Cruickshank

History for Change

J. Cruickshank

The Revolution in Black American Life

C. Corbould

Talking Slavery in the New Deal

C. Corbould

What’s Your story? Surveys , Social Science Expertise and the State in the Twentieth Century

C. Corbould

Poetry and Translations Exchange

C. Atherton (with J Wilkinson, RMIT and D Disney, Sogang University, Seoul)

Pika-don: The Atomic Bomb in Words and Pictures

C. Atherton

Geelong and the First World War

G. Burgess

Holocaust Sites at Risk: conservation guidelines for Best Practice

S. Cooke

A History of the Box Hill RSL

S. Cooke

Saving Face: The Hiroshima Maidens

C. Atherton

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