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CCH Seminar – 22nd May – Mati Keynes
CCH Seminar – 1st May – Michael King
Monday 15th April 2024
Revisiting Classics in Australian Housing History
Thursday 4th April 2024
CCH Seminar – 17th April – Carolyn Holbrook and Brad Underhill
CCH Seminar – 24th April – Anna Wilkinson
CCH Seminar – 10th April – Grant Explainer
Monday 18th March 2024
CCH Seminar – 27th March – Jillian Beard & Justine Greenwood
Monday 4th March 2024
CCH Seminar – 20th March – Ian Warren
CCH Seminar – The Higher Education Accord – Wednesday 13th March
Monday 19th February 2024
Examining local history via the Victoria Police Gazette

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