Victoria Duckett

Victoria Duckett is a film historian whose work focuses on the pioneering importance of women in the screen industries and the productive relationship between the theatre and cinema. Author of the award-winning book, Seeing Sarah Bernhardt: Performance and Silent Film (2015), she is co-editor of the collection Guglielmo Giannini: Uomo di Spettacolo (2021), and Researching Women in Silent Cinema: New  Findings and Perspectives (2013). A founding editorial member of the journal Feminist Media Histories (UCP), she also serves on the editorial board of Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film. Victoria gained her PhD on scholarship under the tutelage of Carlo Ginzburg, Vivian Sobchack, Peter Wollen, and Teshome Gabriel at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has held posts at the University of Manchester (Department of Drama), the Catholic University of Milan (Department of Communication and Performing Arts), and the University of Melbourne (Centre for Ideas, VCA). Awards include the Charles Boyer Award for research in Paris (La Sorbonne Nouvelle), a Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship (University of Texas at Austin), and a Visiting Fellowship to the Humanities Research Centre, ANU. Victoria has a forthcoming monograph with the University of California Press (Media Matriarchs: French Stage Celebrities and the Development of Transnational Film, 2022). A native of Hong Kong, she is now working on an End of Empire project, exploring Hong Kong’s recent colonial history.