Amit Sarwal

Dr Amit Sarwal is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the South Pacific and the Founding Convenor of Australia-India Interdisciplinary Research Network (AIIRN). His areas of interest include South Asian diaspora, postcolonial literature, translation, cultural diplomacy, Australia-India relations, Bollywood, and globalization of Indian dance. He has many books to his credit, prominent being: Wanderings in India (2012); Bollywood and Its Other(s) (2014); Labels and Locations (2015); Salaam Bollywood (2016); South Asian Diaspora Narratives (2016/2017); Louise Lightfoot in Search of India (2017); and Vyakul Rashtra(2017). His latest book The Dancing God: Staging Hindu Dance in Australia (Routledge, 2020) charts the sensational and historic journey of de-provincialising and popularising Hindu dance in Australia. For more information, visit Amit’s personal website.