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The Centre for Contemporary Histories (CCH) is a dynamic, diverse and distinctive research centre that delivers and translates high-quality research into outcomes that are relevant and meaningful to contemporary society. With funding from multiple industry partners and governments, the CCH team delivers dynamic and high-quality research.

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Research Pillars

Improving and Building Collections using community-led principles

This pillar comprises two parts, the first working with communities and institutions of long-standing collecting; and the second working with institutions and communities to build new collections.

Democracy and History

Reflecting a worldwide trend among democracies, Australian civic society has been eroded recently. We aim to build a comprehensive picture of historical literacy and identify areas where we need to increase knowledge and understanding of the past.

Security and Development

We work to understand how concepts of Security and Development have evolved and taken particular forms at different moments in Australia s post-white settlement history.

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Survey on Attitudes to History

Since 2021, the Centre for Contemporary Histories has conducted the Deakin Contemporary History Survey (DCHS), which is the first nation-wide, longitudinal study of Australian attitudes to history.

Latest News

CCH Seminar – 8th May – Meghan Hopper

Join us online or in person for a seminar with Dr Meghan Hopper. Representations of women and men during Australian federal election campaigns In this seminar, Meghan will share some of the findings of her PhD research, which examined mainstream print media representations of women and men during Australian federal election campaigns. The election campaigns of

CCH Seminar – 15th May – Holly Moorhead

Join us online or in person for a seminar with PhD candidate Holly Moorhead. Female Agents in the Field This paper examines the tactical performances of female agents in the Special Operations Executive (SOE) operating in occupied France during WWII, and how such women manipulated gender stereotypes to avoid detection or interrogation in the field.

CCH Seminar – 22nd May – Mati Keynes

Join us online or in person for a seminar with Dr Mati Keynes. Education in Cultures of Redress The period from the late-1980s to the present has been attributed many monikers—age of apology, politics of regret, the guilted age—each in their own way seeks to capture something of the ‘essence’ of a preoccupation with the

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